This is where your blog posts are written. In this blog you have many tools which allow you to edit the text font, add media/images/links etc. You can preview how the post will look before “publishing” it, and you can always go back and edit the post later should you choose.  Try this now, click Posts>”All Posts” to the left in the Dashboard, and from there you will see the two blog posts I have published. Go ahead and edit them to your desire.  If you do not have blog posts yet to post, you can also simply delete them.

When ready to post new posts just make sure you are at Posts>Add New in the WordPress Dashboard to the left.

To the bottom right inside of a new post creation or when editing a post you will see a “Featured image” section. This is where I uploaded the image of the flowers for your first draft post (which you will now go and edit to your liking).  This post you are reading now will be the second post for the blog, but you can also come in and edit this to become your official second post. Whatever image you upload as the featured image will appear in your blog and all blog posts will be posted chronologically.  Usually people use a featured image to give the article visual flavor relating to the content prior to somebody clicking on the article, something to entice them and brings the reader in to read more.

When posting it will always auto-post the date and time it was posted. However, you can go back and edit the date in case you posted something on the wrong date.

A few other tips, when you create the title for your post it automatically designs a URL based on that, for example above I wrote “You can add any title you like here” and the Permalink right underneath became: etc. etc.
Keep in mind that I can title the post “Coffee is fantastic” and it will auto-assign the blog post to be directly accessible by going to – but I can further edit the URL to simply be “, or anything else you want to type in there alongside the original url – for example:

Caution regarding updates and any changes to the website, I recommend not updating anything when prompted.  Doing so can break the website if you update or change the wrong thing. If you do choose to look around through the Appearance tab, the plugins, the tools or settings, I would be very cautious with any changes you make – and be especially aware of the PUBLISH button up top at all times. Anything you do can take immediate and critical effect if you are not careful and make an adjustment and hit publish!

My motto is, if it is not broken do not attempt to fix it. If you see updates for certain plugins, wordpress, or the Colibri template, ignore them.  If you have any questions or something breaks I can check to see if an update needs to be done and ensure everything is operational.  Just let me know in advance of making any changes.

Once you have read this you can go ahead and delete or edit this post!  While experimenting with your own new posts just reach out to me with any questions!




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